Christmas Chocolate Peanut Butter Dippers

1 Box of Ritz Crackers (You can use Wheat, Original or Reduced Fat. I usually use reduced fat.)
1 Small 18 Oz. Jar Of Smooth Peanut Butter (I use Reduced Fat or Whipped, but you can use any kind of smooth Peanut Butter)
2-11.5 Oz. Bags of Chocolate Chips
1 Bar of Wax
Mini Baking Cups (You will need about 75 and you will need to open them up and flatten them out)
1 Knife to Spread The Peanut Butter
Plastic Dipping Tool (Made Specifically to Dip Candy), or a fork

Take two crackers and place a small amount of peanut butter on one, then place together like a sandwich. Continue the process until all crackers are used up. While putting crackers together begin to melt the bags of chocolate chips and bar of wax in a double boiler (use more wax if chocolate is too thick). After chocolate has completely melted begin dipping cracker sandwiches into the chocolate at least a couple of times. Use your plastic dipping tool or fork to lift the coated crackers out of the chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off, and then place on one of the opened mini baking cups. Let the dipped crackers dry for a few minutes and then refrigerate until you are ready to use. They will keep for 6 months or more, if kept frozen. They make great party foods and great gifts, plus they taste really good too!

Yields Approximately 75 Dippers


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